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Other Sun Dried Products Allowed into the European Union

The drying of food in the sun is an ancient and safe method of preservation. The European Commission allows many different dried foods into Europe. Only India is singled out for an oppressive hygiene regime that effectively bans Bombay Duck.

Norwegian Stockfish

Norwegian Stockfish is dried cod that is produced in the Lofoten Islands in exactly the same way as Bombay Duck. Annual production is 15,000 tonnes and 80% is exported to Italy.

You can see a picture of the fish drying racks in Norway on this web site. These are similar to the ones used for Bombay Duck.

There is even a museum devoted to stockfish in the Lofoten Islands. Recipes for stockfish dishes can be found at Anne and Johan's Swedish website and at Marcel Athimond's site.

Mosciame or Mojama

Dried Tuna is mainly produced in Spain but is very popular in Italy. The tuna is filleted into long strips. It is soaked in salt, washed and then dried for 20 days. It was once made from dolphins but this is now illegal.

Sun Dried Tomatoes and fruit.

Sun dried tomatoes are processed in just the same way as Bombay Duck. They are sliced and spread on nets to dry in the sun. Californian, Italian, etc., farmers do not have to comply with the same bureaucratic registration and health certification procedures as the Indian fishermen are expected to do. Raisins are dried on the ground beside the vines.


Biltong, like beef jerky, is dried meat. This is another example of the widespread, ancient and safe use of air drying as a means of preserving food. Biltong is produced in southern Africa and is exported to the UK without the problems experienced by the Indian Bombay Duck fishermen.

Bengali Dried Fish products.

Dried fish is very popular in the Bay of Bengal area. Several types are imported without EC hindrance from Bangaladesh. These include lottya fish, visually indistinguishable from Bombay Duck, it smells the same too! Dried pomfret is a delicious deep-bodied fish from the open seas. Dried anchovies, chingra (shrimp) and buzari are freely obtainable from Bengali stores in the UK.